Server Info - Royal-WoW International Server

First of all we are happy to see you here and we will take care of everything

so you enjoy playing in our server for a long time.


Server Information:

XP Rate = 2X

Quest XP Rate = 3X

Professions - 2X

Server is based on PvP/PVE


Possible to donate only for the service, we are not going to sell any items!

Blizzlike style, No Custom Items will be added to the game!

... more info soon


Server Features:


1vs1 Npc

Transmog Npc

VIP System

Boss Announcements (Officially announces every time a group manages to kill a world boss).

IceCrown Fully working scripted instance such as Blizzlike.

CrossFaction Battleground.

Special helpful Modules on Website.

... more info soon


Server Events:

Special Level Race Bonus!

The first 250 characters who reach level 80 will be able to receive reward!

( Full Naxxramas set 219iLvL )

Get a bonus from NPC located in Dalaran.



We wish you a lot of fun and many epic experiences.

Your Royal Team.