Changelog - Royal-WoW International Server
Changes made on 2021/05/05
Account Registration
 You are able to start vote for us and get Vote Points even before server launched.
 Register account before server launched and access user control panel to check features.
Changes made on 2021/05/03
 Opening date of the server is set and will be on May 21, 2021.
Changes made on 2021/04/17
 Working with advertisements. Server is going to be Opened very soon! Follow info on website news.
Changes made on 2020/12/07
 [Added] Top Voters module. Appears in right sidebar. (Rewards coming soon)
Changes made on 2020/12/01
 [Added] Discord Channel. ( )
 [Added] Private Messages module. Appears in User Panel. (Send and receive messages)
Changes made on 2020/11/30
 [Added] Play Time to Item module. Appears in User Panel. (Exchange playing hours to item reward)
Changes made on 2020/11/08
 [Added] Referrals module. Appears in User Panel. (Invite friends using referral link and get Free Vote Points)
 [Added] Character Tools module. Appears in User Panel. (Name, Race, Faction, Appearance change)
Changes made on 2020/11/05
 [Added] Game Statistics module. Possibility to view detailed info.
Changes made on 2020/11/02
 Setting up brand new website design and functions.